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LinPlug RMV v5.1.3 AU VSTi MAC OSX-iND

LinPlug RMV v5.1.3 AU VSTi MAC OSX-iND
LinPlug RMV AU VSTi v5.1.3 MAC OSX
iND | AU | VST | MAC OSX | 45 MB

RMV is a Drum Synthesizer & Sampler, Loop Slicer and Librarian. It includes more than 10,000 sampled and synthesized drum sounds, 2,600 MIDI grooves, 1,500 Loops as well as a comprehensive 150 page reference manual (PDF) in English, French and Italian.


* Drum Synthesizer.
* Drum Sampler.
* Audio Loop Modules (Slicer & Player).
* Drum Librarian.
* 32-voice polyphony.
* Multiple instances of the RMV can be opened.
* 48 polyphonic Pads for the universal or specialized Drum Synthesizers or Drum Samplers.
* Six independent Audio Loop Modules with up to 64 slices each.
* Each Pad and each Slice features its own controls for:
o Volume.
o Pan.
o Output Selection.
o Tune (+- 24 semitones in 10 cent intervals).
o Two independent Effects Send.

NOTE: This comes without the Sound&Loop Libraries!!
Read INFO for details.