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Numerical Sound Percussion Wall GiGA

Numerical Sound Percussion Wall GiGA
Numerical Sound Percussion Wall GiGA
Team: TZ7iSO | Size: 500,42 MB

First Sampling CD to offer Afro Techno Ritual Rhythms with drums and percussion as its foundation.
Percussion Wall offers a wide range sounds, and arrangements with rhythmic pulse divisions (2,3,4,6,8 and quarter note triplets - 3 against 2). All the 559 loops on Percussion Wall are organized into 8 tempos 160, 140, 130, 120, 118, 110, 100 and 80 beats per minute. Percussion Wall is the first drum loop audio CD which includes a listing of the original stereo loop points. This gives the user CD ROM features in an audio CD platform.

Percussion Wall's external User's Manual is a 27 page resource which comes with every purchase of this CD. Important data is listed for each loop which includes sound and music properties. The original loop points can be easily obtained with the information listed in this manual.

Percussion Wall is an extremely versatile sampling CD because it contains compete larger than life rhythm loops that are production ready, also background or rhythms textures that can mix in with other existing music, as well as sonic construction material for creating entirely new loops.

Electronic Drummer Dick Gail performed and created a series of drum loops based on African/Jazz rhythm concepts but used contemporary percussion samples for his sound source. His inspiration for these rhythms are the songs from the tribes of the Yoruba, the Bambala, the Zingili the Mahafaly, the Baya, the Watutsi, and the Badouma, and the work of the great BeBop drummers, such as Elvin Jones, Max Roach, Art Blakey and Philly Joe Jones. Dick Gail has played with Albert Ayler, Pat Martino, Charles Earland, Groove Holmes, and Dakota Staton to name just a few. He also owns a patent for tuning drums by the use of air pressure and for the past ten years has been the in house artist for the speaker company Cerwin-Vega.

Ernest Cholakis took these loops and processed and transformed some of these loops into what Cholakis calls Electro-Acoustic transformations.

Electro-Acoustic Transformation defines a class of sound processes Ernest Cholakis developed to dramatically alter and transform percussion loops in unique ways that are commercially unavailable. The transformed loops on this CD were designed to expand the range of sonic and musical creative potential for the user. The results are rhythm building blocks which can be manipulated by any musician or sound designer to create entirely new and different sounding loops from those heard on this CD. And lastly, in the process of separating the musical elements much work was done to enhance the clarity of many of the very complex rhythms as well as having expanded and extended the timbre of the original performances.

Smooth Loop Points
Percussion Wall sampling CD has percussion loops that contain many layers of very complex processing. As any seasoned sound designer knows the more processing a loop has the harder it is to create a seamless loop point. The GigaSampler format gives you all 559 loops with ultra smooth sounding loop points!

GigaSampler Format
Each audio track on this sampling CD Percussion Wall has between 6 to13 drum loops per track. The GigaSampler format has a ".Gig" file for each of these tracks (60 in total). All loops in each track are mapped out the same way: a new loop per semitone starting at middle C (C4=midi note 60=261Hz). For example, the first loop of a track is mapped on to note C4, the next loop on C#4, the third on D4 and so forth. All the loops in a track have the same tempo so there is no need for individual time compression/expansion. Pitch shifting the entire patch will move the tempo of all the loops to the same tempo.