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Deadmau5 XFER Sample WAV SCD-DAW

Deadmau5 XFER Sample WAV SCD-DAW

Deadmau5 XFER Sample WAV SCD-DAW
Deadmau5 XFER Sample WAV SCD-DAW
Team: DAW | Date: 25-01-2009 | Size: 338,27 MB

The definitive and genre-defining sample collection from Deadmau5 and Steve Duda, the leading lights of the minimal/prog/tech explosion, featuring just under 500MB of teched-out tops and rhythms, super fat synth and bass shots, plus 2,700+ expertly sculpted drum hits.In recent years the internet has been awash with people seeking the synthesis secrets behind Deadmau5 productions. Xfer, the first sample collection produced by the man himself and studio sidekick Steve Duda, is the answer.

Produced using a raft of analogue drum machines, vintage synths, circuit-bent kit, cutting-edge digital synthesis techniques (such as DSP routines coded in C++ by Duda) and other found sound foley, Xfer packs in just shy of 500MB of rhythm-rockin? drum and tops loops, sampler-ready synth and bass shots, plus 2,731 beat building blocks (including kicks, snares, claps, cymbals, hats, percussion and more).

Loops > 336 drum, tops and percussion loops bursting with synthetic and analogue synthetics for a powerful, pumping, system-smashing collection of trackstarters.
Tonal > 227 searing synth shots, chunky chords and bouncing bass hits from the Arp2600 and Moog ? most multisampled across octaves to make fully keyboard mapping easy.
Kicks > 425 XL club kicks custom-designed to propel the biggest of tracks, subdivided into folders of Analog, Big, Hall, Huge and Processed Kicks. From subby and dubby to processed and punchy, plus everything in between ? it?s all here in abundance.
Percs > super-processed tech hits, metallic knocks, shakers, synthetic percs (including Moog), plus a slew of misc noise hits for off-the-wall tech grooves.
Hats > 322 skippy, shiny, techie and slinky hats subdivided into folders of Amped, Analog, Misc, Open, Real and Vinyl.
Snares > 158 snappy snares subdivided into folders of Classic, Layered and Small.
Cymbal and Cymbal FX > 102 crashes and FXed transition crashes to add sonic spice to your beats.
Claps > 226 claps subdivided into folders of Classic, Layered and Single Hand Claps.