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The Groovemasters Series Drums CDDA (2CDs)

The Groovemasters Series Drums CDDA (2CDs)
The Groovemasters Series Drums CDDA (2CDs)
The Groovemasters Series Drums CDDA (2CDs)
Team: DSZ | Size: 366,91 MB

One of Denmark's most experienced drummers, Mads Michelsen has filled 2 CD's with nearly 1GB of true stereo acoustic drum loops & hits. On CD-1 you'll find drum loops in rock, pop, funk and disco styles. In total there are more than 900 loops featuring a huge choice of kit sounds. Each loop is available in several variations, with and without bass drum, with cymbals, hihat only etc. On top of that CD-2 gives you more than 650 single hits, with complete samples of many entire drum kits & cymbals, the same kits and sounds, which was used to make the loops. With these, you can add to the loops or make your own grooves.

Onboard is also a fantastic FX section containing loops & hits treated with phasers, flangers and vintage guitar amps.

All in all GrooveMasters - Drums is inspirational, no-nonsense playing, solid grooves, fills and variations - and naturally everything is 100% licence free.

This first CD in the GrooveMasters series from Dublab Production has already received rave reviews all over the world and has been the best selling Sample-CD in Japan and on top 5 in US for several mounth!

GrooveMasters - Drums is part of a whole series of sample CD's featuring integrated grooves and multisamples of the highest quality.

All CD's integrates perfectly together, giving you a complete rhythm section with infinite possibilities.

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