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WavePurity Professional 7.30-DOA

WavePurity Professional 7.30-DOA
WavePurity Professional 7.30
DOA | 11-05-2013 | 8.4 MB

WavePurity?s digital filters can eliminate interfering crackling and noise from your old recordings. You will have reconditioned high-quality music titles of almost CD quality. WavePurity can revise automatically an entire part of a record by detecting the titles and editing wave files. They are ready now for burning on a CD. Wave Purity is easy in handling and an excellent shareware. WavePurity includes powerful tools, editors and filters for editing audio files. It supports the data formats WAV and MP3.


? Audio replay, audio recorder
? Comfortable audio editor
? Numerous digital filters for editing, noise elimination, and error correction
? Real-time frequency display (spectrum with FFT)
? Real-time oscilloscope that can be triggered
? Real-time software equalizer
? Song list management
? Track processor for automatic, overnight batch processing
? Signal generators and wobble generator for frequency response measurement
? Audio CD burn module in the professional version

Audio file formats

? Microsoft RIFF PCM (WAV)
? Microsoft RIFF ACM (WAV) ? (Audio Compression Manager)
? Microsoft AVI Video (AVI) ? (Audio Track Import)
? MPEG audio Layer III (MP3)
? WavePurity PCM or 4.Bit-ADPCM (WPU)
? Additional audio formats as plug-ins are available ? (Professional Version)