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Shocking EDM MIDI Kits MiDi

Shocking EDM MIDI Kits MiDi
Shocking EDM MIDI Kits MiDi
DISCOVER | 10 MAY 2013 | 10 MB

'Shocking EDM: MIDI Kits' is a compilation of 50 melodies from ten Melody Kits, each with five MIDI loops included. Brings you all kinds of lines that you'll need to build your own track. There are five different MIDI loops in each folder that contain comprehensive material, including lead, bass, pluck, pad, and arp loops. 'Shocking EDM: MIDI Kits' is suitable for all producers from amateurs to professionals. If you want to learn how to make full productions, this pack is for you. These five different melody loops will bring you plenty of ideas. If you are in a hurry with tracks, remixes or mash-ups, this pack will save your time.


? 10 Melody Kits
? 50 MIDI Loops
? 100% Royalty-Free
? Multi-Genres