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Bolder Sounds Bob Crystals And Meditation Bowls KONTAKT-AudioP2P

Bolder Sounds Bob Crystals And Meditation Bowls KONTAKT-AudioP2P
Bob Crystals And Meditation Bowls KONTAKT
Team: AudioP2P | Size: 37,39 MB

This collection is the same set of samples which were presented in ?The Best of Bolder? originally in GigaStudio format. However this sound set was never ?natively? programmed in Kontakt 2 (or any previous version of Kontakt). These same samples were used to create ?Crystal Voices? for the Yamaha Motif ES.

Crystal Glass Hits - This folder has single ?hits? of each crystal glass. There are 10 different glasses
recorded here, numbered 1-9. After the initial recording I added a rather large crystal bell which is simply labeled ?Big? in the .nki titles. This big crystal bell is not of the highest quality crystal giving it a bit of a?thuddy? quality. I struck each crystal with a variety of items ranging from my fingers to various kitchen utensils, if it created a beautiful or interesting sound I used it.For each glass I used a number of samples. For example .nki CR 31-35 are all the same crystal glass hit with different objects or struck in a unique sounding way. There are 56 individual ?hit? samples recorded. The samples are alway mapped to the basic correct pitch when ever possible.For each crystal number you?ll see a .nki titled ?mix? (CR7 mix.nki). This .nki has all the samples taken of that particular crystal in one keyboard mapped .nki. Also at times you will see the ?mixed? .nki programmed with a Key Xfade. This blends adjacent samples for some very interesting quasi-layered sounds.The abbreviation ?MW? always refer to the Modulation Wheel on your controller. I frequently use this to control filter settings as well as using it as a balance or mixing control between 2 samples.Crystal Glass Sustains - This folder contains 11 .nki?s of samples utilizing the old ?wet finger on the edge of the wine glass? technique for a continuos sustain effect.
Crystal Glass Multi?s -

The .nkm files are set up with convolution effects which are routed through an AUXillary bus. This is to conserve CPU resources. If it seems there is not any convolution reverb on the MULTIs do the following - Click on the OUTPUTS tab right above the BPM number marking in Kontakt 2. At the bottom of the rack you should now see a OUTPUT channel strip. Click on the CONFIGuration button at the bottom of AUX 1. Make sure that channels #1 and #2 are routed to the physical outputs that your are listening to. My outputs wereautomatically routed to outputs 11 and 12. When I changed it to outputs1 and 2, I finally had an AUX send to the convolution reverb that worked.You will find 5 .nkm files here. All Crystal Sustains CH1.nkm is all recorded samples set to channel 1. This is intended as a quick audition tool. You can easily un-mute any .nki in the rack to hear different combinations of layered crystal sustain sounds. Crystal OCT Sustain 1234.nkm is simply a nice combination of sustained sounds I came up with.Cyrstal Glass Layers - In this folder you will find 14 layered sounds both involving sustained samples as well as hits. The total size of this Crystal sound set is 38 MB.