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Spectrasonics Liquid Grooves SAGE Xpander RETAiL DVDR

Spectrasonics Liquid Grooves SAGE Xpander RETAiL DVDR
Spectrasonics Liquid Grooves SAGE Xpander
Team: SPiRiT | RETAiL | DVDR | Size: 1.2 GB
S.A.G.E. Xpander for Stylus RMX

Quite possibly the most versatile Xpander ever! The critically-acclaimed Liquid Grooves with SAGE technology provides an endless amount of possibilities that will be inspiring for years to come. Fluid rhythms forged by a synthesis propelling live drum grooves, unusual, organic live percussion loops and unique ethnic sources. Works extremely well with Chaos Designer! The new Multis have to be heard to be believed!


- One-of-a-kind Acoustic Drum & Percussion Grooves
- Highly Creative Sound, Feel & Style
- Ethnic grooves with unique processing
- Newly developed Multi patches take full advantage of new S.A.G.E.? (Spectrasonics Advanced Groove Engine) technology with multitrack grooves which show the full potential of Liquid Grooves with Stylus RMX.
- Korg Wavedrum grooves and Remixes
- Useful Styles that work across the whole musical spectrum
- Multitrack style elements ideal for remixing
- Unprecedented Control with SAGE-based Groove Control
- Special Bonus Section includes grooves from Bizarre Guitar, Vocal Planet, Distorted Reality and more!

The featured players include:

- Bob Wilson (Backbeat, George Benson, The Crusaders)
- Eric Boseman (Backbeat, James Newton-Howard)

An inspiring, one-of-a-kind collection from producer Eric Persing.


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