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Best Service Best Of The Blue Box GiGA 2CDs

Best Service Best Of The Blue Box GiGA 2CDs
Best Service Best Of The Blue Box
Team: TZ7iSO | GiGA | (2CDs) | Size: 1.36 GB

Best of Blue Box is a specially adapted version for Gigasampler on 2 CD-ROMs containing 1.44 Gigabytes of Sound Effects. The collection is optimized for fast and intuitive use. Trigger your post pro sound FX! Have ultra-fast access to hundreds of sound effects - get better results in less time!

Included are 535 sound effects: Street (city atmospheres, car, bus, tram, crowds), World (vocals, chants, steel drum, rhythm, prayers, barrel organ, church bells, revolution, birds), Environments (airport, cafe, cantina, restaurant, museum, supermarket, train station, post office, laughs, shopping mall, hotel lobby), Water, River, Waves (fountain, river, sea, riff, beach, waves, seagulls, stream, waterfall), Wind, River, Rain (rain, hail, thunder, streams, wind, storm). Plus 384 short SFX such as doors, fireworks, shots, horns, alarms, house atmospheres, percussion, special SFX, work atmospheres. The sounds are laid out with Key Dimension Control which gives you fast access to any sound without reloading.