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QuikQuak Fusion Field v3.3.1 VST x86 x64 PC

QuikQuak Fusion Field v3.3.1 VST x86 x64 PC
QuikQuak Fusion Field v3.3.1 VST x86 x64 PC
QuikQuak Fusion Field v3.3.1 VST x86 x64 PC
CHAOS | May 04 2013 | 1.3 MB

Fusion Field is a smooth reverb that sits beautifully in a mix. It's clean, unobtrusive sound has a natural falloff that floats behind, and complements the source material perfectly. Fusion Field is very easy to use, and the main display shows the effects of the dampening and EQ in a plain natural way. The reverberation can be dampened in the upper and lower frequencies, allowing soft sibilance and a graceful, lifting air to the sound. Having very few controls does not hinder Fusion Field's usefulness. The dial ranges have been sloped to give the best sensitivity in useful regions, and the whole unit can create short snappy rooms, or vast time-suspended spaces, and anything in between.

Total diffusion reverb

Fusion Field An easy to use diffusion reverb

* A clean stereo reverb, with an even decay.
* High quality standards, with low CPU resources.
* Fast editing, for that quick grab effect.
* A single impulse source quickly gathers a complex diffusion.
* Intuitively linked Decay and Spread dials.
* Clear reflected sound, with a fast diffusion build up.
* Great for adding sheen to vocals, strings and ambiences.
* Plain visual feedback of filters.
* Zero latency.
* Completely reworked and enhanced diffusion reverb, based on RaySpace and Glass Viper.

Why use this?
Removing the character of uneven early reflections and various room shapes leaves the sound pure, so it's able to hold the sound in time. Simply enhancing the sound image without obtrusive additional tones allows for more space in the mix. While not using traditional all-pass filters, Fusion Field gathers reflections immediately, using unique 'leaky' feedback technology. This has the accuracy of an intensive frequency based algorithm, with the movement and zero latency of time based calculations. It also has relatively low CPU usage for such a high quality sound. Try the demo yourself and choose the "Fusion Field Full" preset, this gives the longest decay and no filtering. If you send a short sound through the plug-in you will hear the sound as though frozen in the air, and decay perfectly smoothly in about two minutes.


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