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Trap Beats, Bleeps, Fills & Builds WAV MiIDi Sampler Instruments

Trap Beats, Bleeps, Fills & Builds WAV MiIDi Sampler Instruments
Trap Beats, Bleeps, Fills & Builds
Quakeaudio | 01-05-2013 | WAV-MIDI-Sampler Instruments | 1.5 GB

Holy Trap!! Beats Bleeps Fills and Builds Turn up the speakers, light up a fat one and get ready for the mother of all trap collections!
Packed full of low­ down phat and hazy beats, sub­heavy, head­ shaking hypnotic grooves, grinding melodics, intense booty­ shaking fills and builds and low ­pitched abstract vox loops and fx. With trap music getting ready to explode all over everyone's face, Push button bang has lit the fuse and delivered a seriously ground­shaking heavyweight trap collection of over 1000 loops and samples.

The dirty South meets future­-step and electro, in this invaluable and exciting collection, devised for anyone making trap, ambient dubstep, electronica inspired hip hop, krunk and abstract, cinematic grooves.

It's been expertly crafted to inspire your beats, delivering hundreds of construction kit possibilities, myriad sequence generations, with hundreds of one shot programming gemstones ready to lock and load into your next high powered production.


20 Kick Layer Loops
20 KNS Layer Loops
10 Pre Snare Layer Loops
26 Snare Layer Loops
20 Top & Hat Layer Loops
30 Click Fills & Rolls
40 FX Fills & Rolls
65 Snare Fills & Rolls
30 Tom & Cymbal Fills & Rolls
90 Full Rhythm Stems
50 Bleep Tonal Loops
30 Rise & Builds Tonal Loops
50 Tonal Loops
20 Vox Tonal Loops
30 MIDI Files
80 Beeps & Bleeps One Shots
30 Bleep glitches One Shots
20 Build FX One Shots
167 Drum One Shots
50 General Instrument One Shots
30 Horn One Shots
20 Noise FX One Shots
30 Orchestral One Shots
30 Sub Bass Bend One Shots
20 Synth One Shots
55 Vox Fx
23 Soft Sampler Patches for NNXT, Halion, SFZ, Kontakt and EXS24