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Cello Soundbank Vol.2 KONTAKT DVDR

Cello Soundbank Vol.2 KONTAKT DVDR
Cello Soundbank Vol.2 KONTAKT DVDR
Team: DYNAMiCS | Size: 3.21 GB

Years in the making, Cello Soundbank Vol. 2 for Kontakt provides a musical solo cello library for composers, producers and beat-makers. The various sonic nuances of solo cello are explored to their fullest in Vol. 2, providing 5 gigabytes worth of long tones, pizzicatos, experimental sounds and loops for anyone actively interested in bringing a singular and unique cello sound into their production arsenal.

No other library on the market has explored the solo instrument with this much depth and breadth. It's been made and programmed entirely, an artist currently active in the New York music scene who continuously unifies his skills on the cello with his electronic music experience.


- 5 gigabytes of cello audio, over 5000 total individual sound samples, (not including the plethora of samples from Volume 1, which is included).
- 3000 unique cello loops divided into eight separate tempos, pizzicato and arco, major and minor.
- 2000 long tones and pizzicato tones, velocity mapped and programmed with release triggers.