Dubstep Instrument Rack Presets for Ableton Live ADG

Dubstep Instrument Rack Presets for Ableton Live ADG
Dubstep Instrument Rack Presets for Ableton Live ADG
DISCOVER | 01 MAY 2013 | 3 MB

'Dubstep Instrument Rack Presets for Ableton Live ' rises to the next level with the Heaviest, Hardest Hittin, Dubstep Wobble Bass Presets. Sonic Destruction is yours when you harness the thundering sounds full tilt Presets for Ableton. Utilising the full power of Ableton's Operator and Analog Synths. This SoundBank contains 33 Ultra Heavy Dubstep Instrument Rack Presets/Patches for the Ableton Live Suite which Utilise the Operator and Analog Synths.

SoundSet Contains:

? 33 Deep Dark Nasty Basses, Wobbles and SubBass Instrument Rack Presets
? All Presets in this SoundBank take full use of the Instrument Rack's 8 Macro controls, all programmed and ready for easy manipulation.
? Instrument Rack Patchestake full use of all Ableton Live's powerful synths, including Operator and Analog

Please Note:
Ableton Live Suite is required for Operator and Analog (version 8.2.2 or higher). Contains no loops or samples, just Instrument Rack presets for use with Ableton Live. Works with MAC or Windows PC.

Full Patch List:
All Bass Racks:

1. Bitter
2. Chugger
3. Crusher
4. Digits
5. Double Down
6. Double Trouble
7. Downlinker
8. FuzzFace
9. Gravel
10. Higher Ground
11. Intruder
12. Lazer
13. LazerLight
14. Legacy
15. Mangle
16. Oh YeaYea
17. Rangeful
18. Rapper
19. Raptor
20. Rottun
21. Scratch and Dent
22. Scratcher
23. Skrill Vox
24. Skull Crusher
25. Slayer
26. Slicer
27. Stocked
28. TalkinSkrillex
29. Triple Down
30. Viper
31. Wub Wub
32. Yoi
33. Zapper


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