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Pro-C v1.2.1 AU-K MAC OSX-iND

Pro-C v1.2.1 AU-K MAC OSX-iND
Pro-C v1.2.1 AU-K MAC OSX-iND
iND | Pro-C v1.2.1 |AU-K | MAC OSX | 1.5

Pro-C is a compressor plug-in offering high-quality sound, flexible routing and side-chain options, and various program dependent compression styles with an innovative user interface and animated level display making compression easy to grasp for everyone. Suitable for a wide range of compression purposes, Pro-C offers three compressor styles: Clean, Classic and Opto. Each style uses different custom algorithms, knee curves and compressor topologies (feedback or feed-forward), all carefully selected and fine-tuned after thorough research and development. All styles use 64-bit internal processing and guarantee zero latency throughput.

Key Features:

Three different compressor styles.
Program dependent attack and release curves.
Very fast attack times.
Soft- and hard-knee option.
Zero latency, click-free 64-bit internal processing.
Auto Gain option.
Auto Release option.
Large input, output, and gain change meters with different scale settings.
Animated compression level display with customizable curves.
Active transfer function display.
External side chain.
48 dB/oct HP and LP side chain filtering.
Mid/Side processing.
Flexible channel linking and routing.
Stereo and mono plug-ins available.
MIDI Learn.
Smart Parameter Interpolation.
Sample-accurate automation of all parameters.
Extensive help file with interactive help hints.