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SPC Plugins Gater-Pro v2.0 PC & MAC

SPC Plugins Gater-Pro v2.0 PC & MAC
SPC Plugins Gater-Pro v2.0
R2R | 27.4.2013 | WiN 3.5 MB | OSX 1.4 MB

Gater-Pro by SPC Plugins is a stereo trance gate with swing, variable gate shapes and switchable rate. The gate width can be reduced to 0 % to cut the sound completely or increased to 100 % to cut the gating completely.


Stereo gate patterns with 16 steps or ?linked? gate patterns with 32 steps.
Three adjustable gate shapes: gate, ramp and trapezoid. Gate width variable from 0?100 percent; ramp variable from falling to rising; trapezoid variable from gate to triangle.
Swing -99 to +99 percent. Greater control resolution near zero.
Seven rates, including bypass (for cutting the effect in and out with one control): bypass, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64 and 1/128.
MIDI controller learn.
?Freewheel?: gate pattern continues even when host sequencer stops.
Genuine 64?bit audio processing. SSE?enabled. Any sample rate. New smoothing algorithm. Windows installer.