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Electro Presets for NI Massive KSD

Electro Presets for NI Massive KSD
Electro Presets for NI Massive KSD
DISCOVER | 27 APRIL 2013 | 3 MB

'Electro Presets for N.I. Massive' is the latest Electro Preset/Patch Soundset for Native Instrument's Massive. Full of inspirational sounds that will that will have you crankin' out the most Heavyweight basslines, Lazer-tight leads and Pulsating Rhythms around. Raise your output to the level of the world's most popular performers, such as Deadmau5, Wolfgang Gartner, AfroJack, David Guetta, Felguk, and more. All presets have been meticulously designed for the best sound, ease of use, and the most up-to-the-minute styles. All presets make full use of Massive's 8 Macro controls, all programmed and ready for easy manipulation.

Edgy, Gritty Dynamic, Ultra Tight 'Electro Presets for N.I. Massive' is perfect for Electro House, Indie Alt Dance, NuRave, Techno, House, Dance, EDM, and more.


? 14 Funky, Fidgety, Razor Sharp Leads
? 11 Hard Hittin, Dirty, Distorted Basses
? 5 Pulsating, Rhythmic Keys and Sythns
? 5 Bonus White noise FXs
? 5 Bonus Sub Basses
? 40 Total Presets/Patches

All Electro Presets:

1. AfroJackin (LD)
2. Banassi Bass (BS)
3. Bass 1 (BS)
4. Blistering (LD/KB)
5. Blueteeth (KB)
6. Bounce (LD)
7. Chunker (KB)
8. Circuit Bent 1 (BS)
9. Crusher (LD)
10. Driver (BS)
11. Drop Acid (BS)
12. Electro Bass 1 (BS)
13. Electro Lead 1 (LD)
14. Fidget T Lead (LD)
15. Generator (BS)
16. Ghetto Flute (LD)
17. Juno106 Bent (BS)
18. Kindergarten (LD)
19. Lead Lazer (LD)
20. Live Mice (BS)
21. Organ Time (KB)
22. Prog Mouse (LD)
23. Pulsation (KB)
24. Side Chaining (KB)
25. Square Peg (LD)
26. TB304 (BS)
27. Thumper (BS)
28. Tron (LD)
29. Ultra (LD)
30. Wolfy (LD)

Also included are 5 Bonus Sub Bass Presets and 5 Bonus White Noise FX Presets.