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Sylenth1 Skins Pack

Sylenth1 Skins Pack
Sylenth1 Skins Pack
29 Skins For Sylenth1 | 60 MB

Install: copy the sylenth1 [skin name].dll into vst plugins folder.

List of skins:

Sylenth1 ANG Blue
Sylenth1 ANG DSP Monster
Sylenth1 ANG Evening
Sylenth1 ANG Green Dark
Sylenth1 ANG Green Lite
Sylenth1 ANG Green Lite
Sylenth1 ANG Morning
Sylenth1 ANG Orange Brown
Sylenth1 ANG Red
Sylenth1 ANG Vitpenz
Sylenth1 Blue Sport
Sylenth1 DSP Better Gray
Sylenth1 Nima ORG
Sylenth1 Nima RMX
Sylenth1 Pearl Morph
Sylenth1 Pearl ORG
Sylenth1 Pearl RMX
Sylenth1 Plastic Black
Sylenth1 Plastic White
Sylenth1 Polar Virus
Sylenth1 TVP Better Yellow
Sylenth1 Virtual Analog
Sylenth1 Virtual Hameleon
Sylenth1 Virtual Neon
Sylenth1 White ORG
Sylenth1 White RMX
Sylenth1 Dark Blue
Sylenth1 Dark Green

There are several 'Sylenth 1' versions as follows :
v2.1.1.2 :

- Sylenth1 DSP Better Gray.dll

v2.2.0.1 :

- Sylenth1 ANG DSP Monster.dll

v2.2.0.2 :

- Sylenth1 ANG Blue.dll
- Sylenth1 ANG Evening.dll
- Sylenth1 ANG Green Dark.dll
- Sylenth1 ANG Green Lite.dll
- Sylenth1 ANG Morning.dll
- Sylenth1 ANG Orange.dll
- Sylenth1 Dark Blue.dll
- Sylenth1 Dark Green.dll
- Sylenth1 Morning.dll
- Sylenth1 Polar Virus.dll

v2.2.0.3 :

- Sylenth1 Virtual Hameleon .dll

v2.2.1.1 :

- Sylenth1 Blue Sport.dll
- Sylenth1 Nima ORG.dll
- Sylenth1 Nima RMX.dll
- Sylenth1 Pearl Morph.dll
- Sylenth1 Pearl ORG.dll
- Sylenth1 Pearl RMX.dll
- Sylenth1 Virtual Analog.dll
- Sylenth1 Virtual Neon.dll
- Sylenth1 VTX Plastic Black.dll
- Sylenth1 VTX Plastic White.dll

v2.2.1.2 :

- Sylenth1 ANG Red.dll
- Sylenth1 ANG Vitpenz.dll
- Sylenth1 TVP Better Yellow .dll
- Sylenth1 White ORG.dll
- Sylenth1 White RMX.dll

v2.2.2.2 :

- Sylenth1 ANG Orange Brown.dll

Most of them are based on 'Team VTX 2011', 'Team ASSiGN', or 'Team ViTPENZ 2012' versions.

P.S: No 'License.dat' are provided for all these different '.dll', simply use these you already have from your respective versions.