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ReLoop Loop Sequencer v2.0.7 ANDROiD

ReLoop Loop Sequencer v2.0.7 ANDROiD
Reloop Sequenceer 2.0.7

Sample packs:
ReLoop Loop Sequencer v2.0.7 ANDROiD
ReLoop Loop Sequencer v2.0.7 ANDROiD
ANDROiD | August 2013 | 2.5 MB

Quickly make music using samples and loops, just like Garageband or Sony's ACID. Real time live loop preview, hear how a loop will sound while currently playing what's already programmed. Get more samples for FREE by downloading ReLoop loop Paks from Android Market or from my website, OR load your own samples too unto your sdcard. 3 real-time FX : Delay, Low pass filter, and Distortion.

Easy to use interface - Drag/Drop loops on the timeline.

- TAP a track number to bring up a screen to load a sample or loop to that track.
- LONG PRESS a track number to bring up the FX dialog for that track.
- TOUCH AND DRAG TO THE RIGHT off a track number to add it's sample to the timeline
- LONG PRESS a sample to select it for further editing.
- LONG PRESS a sample AND DRAG TO THE LEFT OFF THE SCREEN to delete the sample from the timeline.
- LONG PRESS a sample and move it left to right to move its position on the timeline.
- CHECK THE MENU for even more operations such as slice, copy, undo, snap, etc.


CD quality sound (44Khz 16bit stereo).
WAV import - LOAD YOUR OWN samples and loops from SDCARD. File location is /sdcard/reloop/samples.
Use my Sonic Chop app (sold separate) to chop samples from MP3's on your device and load them right into ReLoop!
24 bit WAV support, no need to convert your samples or loops to use them. Use samples from loopmasters, primeloops, etc, right away.
CHANGE PITCH on one-shot samples to build melodies
SLICE loops and rearrange.
SNAP up to 1/16, or turn off SNAP and lay samples wherever you want.
COPY/PASTE samples or entire blocks
WAV Export.
Uses as much screen space as you have, works great on Galaxy tablet screens.

What's in this version:
2.0.7 - added a menu icon top right for easier access to menu on android 4.x and higher devices
2.0.6 - easier scrolling on the timeline screen, you can now fling and have it smoothly scroll more quickly
Android 1.5 and up
You will need 800mhz minimum and I would suggest a 1000mhz (1Ghz) processor.

5 Samples Packs: Dubstep, House, Rave, Rekkerd and Techno.

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