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Arctic Keys v1.2.2 Univ-CHRiS0261

Arctic Keys v1.2.2 Univ-CHRiS0261
Arctic Keys v1.2.2 Univ-CHRiS0261
Arctic Keys v1.2.2 Univ-CHRiS0261 | 7.19 MB

Arctic Keys is a virtual analog synthesizer. With a classic dual-oscillator subtractive synthesis design that gives you the sound creation flexibility we all know and love. With an easy to use user interface that just wants to be tweaked. The result is a truly professional instrument with an audio quality that rivals that of hardware synthesizers.


? Synthesis: analog modelling
? Polyphony: up to 4 voices
? Oscillators: 2 per voice, alias free, saw, triangle and square with pulse width, hard sync, ring mod, noise generator
? Filter: 1 multi-mode resonating filter with 4 filter types
? Envelopes: filter and amp ADSR envelopes
? Modulation: 2 LFOs with multiple wave shapes, sample and hold, 3 routable destinations per LFO, independently sync-able
? Effects: master effect processors: 3-band EQ, Distortion, Chorus, Stereo Delay
? Arpeggiator: classic arpeggiator with octave shift, MIDI-sync-able
? Sequencer: 16 x 4 gated step sequencer with multiple modulation destinations, MIDI-sync-able
? Keyboard: glissando, scroll, multi-touch poly pitch bend and aftertouch
? Works with Wizdom Music's Geo Synthesizer continuous pitch bend


? Audiobus
? KORG Wireless-Sync Start Technology (WIST)
? Sonoma AudioCopy
? MIDI Learn
? Live phrase recorder with audio and MIDI export
? File and patch sharing via iTunes File Sharing, e-mail and Wi-Fi
? Compatible with IK Multimedia iRIG MIDI
? Supports external MIDI in and out via CoreMIDI Networking and USB with the Camera Connection Kit
? Audio background operation
? Virtual MIDI Ports
? Open Music App Collaboration compliant

** Requirements: works on iPad 1 and iPhone 4 or higher, lower performance hardware will have much less polyphony

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