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SunVox v1.7.3 ANDROiD

SunVox v1.7.3 ANDROiD
SunVox v1.7.3 ANDROiD
Team: n/a | Date: April 2013 | Size: 7 MB

SunVox is the most powerful music creation tool for Android. It is a small and fast multi-platform pattern based sequencer (tracker) with modular synthesizers.


Modular interface.
Highly optimized synth algorithms.
Flexible architecture: SunVox can working on variuos devices with completely different CPUs;
Effects from classic trackers like FastTracker, ImpulseTracker, ScreamTracker, ProTracker, OctaMED.
Support of 16/24/32bit WAV, AIFF and XI samples.
Multitrack WAV export;
Mic/Line-in recording.
Brief instruction
The main menu - button with wrench in the upper right corner of the screen.
Use multitouch to scale/move content of timeline and pattern editor.
How to connect one module to another? For multitouch devices: first touch on source, second touch on destination. For other devices: select the first module (source); click on the LINK button; select the second module (destination).

Built-in synthesizers & effects :

DrumSynth with 120 unique synthetic drum sounds;
FM synthesizer;
Generator (saw,triangle,square,noise,sine);
Sampler (supported formats: WAV, XI, AIFF);
SpectraVoice (FFT-based synthesizer for deep and beautiful pads);
Side Chain Compressor;
DC Blocking Filter
3Band equalizer;
Filter (Low-pass, High-pass, Band-pass, Notch);
Loop (for glitch effects);
Vocal Filter (for human voice simulation);
Vorbis Player;
What's in this version: (Updated : Dec 26, 2012)
sampler freeze bug fixed;
ability to install on external SD card;
added confirmation dialog for BACK button;
some bugs fixed;
and more... (read on the site).

What's in this version:

- Improved Compressor algorithm;
- Default base note for WAV/AIFF samples is C5;
- Sound engine optimization;
- Added MIDI import;
- Per-pattern Mute/Solo (Timeline menu -> Toggle mute / Toggle solo);
- Added ability to create a new pattern by double clicking on an empty area of the Timeline;
- New Timeline function - Slice Pattern(s) (knife position = current playing position);
- New songs;
- New instruments;
- Bugs fixed;


- Android OS 2.3+

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