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Diamond Cut DC8 v8.15

Diamond Cut DC8 v8.15
Diamond Cut DC8 v8.15
Team CRD | 2013/04/20 | 32 MB

Why DC8? DC8 was designed for transferring your old vinyl records to CD's, doing 78 or cylinder restorations, cleaning up old radio shows, and even restoring your old reel-to-reel tapes. You can record, edit and playback alls kinds of files with the right tools to restore them to their original (or better) lustre. DC8 can be your audio media center.Diamond Cut DC8 builds on the solid DC7 foundation and adds many new features to make it a "State of The Art" audio restoration system. We have again listened to our customers and added enhancements to many aspects of the program . We have improved the click detection and replacement with the addition of our Big Click Filter, adding sophisticated spectral editing with our Direct Spectral Editing mode, added new audio enhancement filters and updated the CD burning capability with a full featured CD and DVD burner. We have added direct support for many more file types like Broadcast Wave, Ogg Vorbis and FLAC files.

Be Sure to check out our before and after page for some dramatic examples of what DC8 can do!

Diamond Cut's new Direct Spectral Editing mode allows you to directly manipulate your music files in the frequency domain. This works like a paintbrush on the sound. You can attenuate (erase) or amplify (highlight) selected areas of a file to eliminate things like coughs or squeaks without affecting the entire frequency range. For example, you could highlight just the 2000-3000Hz area of one word of a vocal performance to bring out the articulation of that word.

You can also use the DSE mode to interpolate selected frequency ranges or the entire spectrum using our new Frequency Domain Interpolation algorithm. This interpolation technique allows you to do much longer replacement than previously possible.

New in DC8.03 is more precise spectral displal settings. This allows you greater control over the levels and contrast of the spectral image.

The Big Click filter automatically detects and repairs clicks lasting much longer than the standard click algorithm. Clicks lasting 100's of milliseconds can now be effectively found and repaired automatically. The big click filter uses our new spectral interpolation algorithm for a dramatically better repair than you ever thought possible.

The Overtone Synthesizer Filter generates an octave higher harmonics to add life to "dull" or limited bandwidth recordings. This effect is different and complementary to our VVA harmonic enhancer. See below for an example of what it can do:

The Sub Harmonic Synthesizer adds bass or sub-bass an octave below the exiting low frequencies. You can use it to add impact to almost any recording or to re-construct a lower octave that may have been missing in a restored original.

To see what can be done to an old cassette recording, listen to the following before and after recordings.
Paramount Organ and Piano Recital Before
Paramount Organ and Piano Recital After processing with the Overtone and Sub Harmonic Synths