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Dystopia Maschine Expansion Pack

Dystopia Maschine Expansion Pack
Dystopia Maschine Expansion Pack
Team: KRock | Date: April 19 2013 | Size: 58,38 MB
Exclusively Prepared for maschine 1.8 and above.

For the Past year This Expansion Pack has been cultivated by going to some extreme enviroments with choice gear and destructive mentality. From 100 ton cranes to Large Iron and concrete destroyed while Sampled in HUGE enviroments with Real industrial equipement. Employing techniques of creative Analog, Digital, and Hybrid synthesizers and out board kit. Multi Fx kits complete with Patterns constructed specifically to enhance your music in the Live moment as well as the studio enviroment.This pack spans an eclectic usage of not only Raw percusive sound but True Sound designed specifically for the Dystopian future of music. Dirty, Raw, intense and dark this pack will evoke the Boom to your Bap and drive your beats to the next level.

Simply add the Dystopia folder to your system and follow the included instructions and the pack will show in your browser Fully tagged and ready to go!

Dystopia Maschine Expansion pack features:

- 25 Drum Kits
- 11 Multi FX kits
- 14 Maschine Instruments
- 125+ Drum patterns
- 400+ Browser Tagged Samples in WAV format