Big L Acapellas

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Big L Acapellas
Big L Acapellas
Big L Acapellas | 118 MB

A pack with 15 Acapellas From Big L
Hits like: Flamboyant, Size em up, Married to Marijuana and much more


Big L Work Is Neva Done (Acapella)
Big L Size Em Up (Acapella)
Big L Put It On (Acapella)
Big L Platinum Plus (Acapella)
Big L MVP (Acapella)
Big L Married To Marijuanna (Acapella)
Big L Live (Acapella)
Big L Flamboyant (Acapella)
Big L Children Of The Corn A Star Is Born (Acapella)
Big L - Thick (Acapella)
Big L - On The Mic (Acapella)
Big L - MVP (Acapella)
Big L - Fall Back (Acapella)
Big L - American Dream (Acapella)
Big L Back Up Off Me (Acapella)
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