Grid Machine Slice Cinematic City KONTAKT

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Grid Machine Slice Cinematic City KONTAKT
Grid Machine Slice Cinematic City KONTAKT
TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 17 April 2013 | 609 MB

Cinematic City is filled with atmospheric elements, wide angle soundscapes and moving shifting sound. Erie looping, drifting alien sound beds, rhythmic deep bass and percussion all available in the new Grid Machine//Slice Version 2 interface. Cinematic City's delivery in Grid Machine//Slice Version 2 allows you to create stuttering, fading chopped loops and glitch sounds from any of the included material, every loop can be cross mixed with up to 11 others, variable repeats (stutter), reverse and mute effects, user designed pattern structures, random slice playing, trigger envelopes, match all these with 10 fully modulatable effects and all the functionality of Grid Machine Slice V1 means thousands upon thousands of variations each customisable to suit your exact needs is right there at your finger tips.

Tech Specs:

Kontakt 5+ Instrument


Kontakt 5+ Instrument using custom scripting
197 60BPM to 150BPM Ambient Loops
850+MB of WAV Data

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