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Persian Plate KONTAKT

Persian Plate KONTAKT
Persian Plate KONTAKT

Persian Plate KONTAKT + Loro Parque Full Recordings
Persian Plate KONTAKT
Persian Plate KONTAKT
2013.04.15 | KONTAKT | 445 MB (With extra) /266 MB (Without)

Persian Plate KONTAKT This is a common plate, made of steel, in Iran. We recorded how it sounds like when you hit it on multiple spots, with a metal and a wooden spoon. Glassific Demo Upcoming project's demo, hold keys to hear the difference between sounds. (As they may sound almost identical if key's not held, you gonna hear why)

These are full recordings. You'll have to slice them, if you want to work with the sounds.
These recordings are at 44.1Khz/16bit, as they're kind of old. We are planning to go back and record more sounds, during more time, and in 96Khz/24bit, so in the future there will be a better version of this. Interprete this is as a demo.
You can hear people speaking in some parts of the recordings, but well.. it's like impossible to record there without people/some noise.

You are free to use our releases for any MULTIMEDIA PURPOSE (Music, Video etc), nothing else (e.g. Selling it)

You can post our stuff anyhwere, and add your own mirrors, but we kindly ask you, not to remove our banned-account link to help us keeping this project alive, and don't steal credit. Thank you!

All the samples (EXCEPT LORO PARQUE RECORDINGS, AS WE MENTIONED) were recorded in 96Khz/24Bit.
The nki files were made with Kontakt 5.1, so you need the last version for it to work