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Frog On Ice v11 Android-DeBTPDA

Frog On Ice v11 Android-DeBTPDA
Frog On Ice v11 Android-DeBTPDA

Scene group DeBTPDA released the latest version of another brand new game, ?Frog On Ice? for ANDROiD. Enjoy guys!

Description: Plop, a daring frog full of adventure, discovers his world?s been frozen by the Evil Ice Wizard and must get through five levels of ice-cold enemies to defeat this foe and transform his home back into a tropical paradise. Plop must use his sticky tongue to slide across the ice, grab onto icicles, and attack enemies, all while collecting coins and power-ups. Avoid falling into the freezing water and dodge attacks from the Ice Wizard?s henchmen, or Plop will face a cold, bitter end.


Bright graphics
Five complex levels with unique end bosses
Playful characters with a touch of malevolence
Collect coins, health, and power ups
Use coins for in-game supplies

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