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Microtape 7 Random 100M KONTAKT-VON.G

Microtape 7 Random 100M KONTAKT-VON.G
Microtape 7 Random 100M KONTAKT
Team VON.G | 2013-04-14 | 41 MB

Random 100M - Over 3 minutes of controlled chaos from the Roland System100M modular synth.One 3 minute wav mapped across 5 octaves with random sample start - never play the same sounds twice!Recorded hot through 1960s valve pre-amps onto one-inch tape (into the red). With 5 token presets, this isn t designed as a synth, like Tronto for example, but as a player, with a virtual tape machine running all the time beneath the engine. You have 3 types of control (via the Degrader ) over tape damage - via filter,amplitude or pitch, with a tape speed slider as well, so Boards of Canada style sounds are easily obtainable, or you can set the controls to zero to bypass the effect.

There is a simple low pass filter (no resonance) that can be connected to velocity (as can amplitude) for instrumental expression, but also more interestingly is hard wired to the ADSR envelopes, so a slower attack also brings about a slower filter attack (if engaged), to emulate the tape head coming into contact with the tape (likewise with the release).