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QuikQuak Plugins Collection WiN MAC

QuikQuak Plugins Collection WiN MAC
QuikQuak Plugins Collection WiN MAC
QuikQuak Plugins Collection | WiN/MAC | 85.6 MB

Collection of plugins by QuikQuak for WiN and MAC. QuikQuak specialises in quality music and effects plug-ins. Check the list to find which one you missed.


QuikQuak RaySpace v2.91 VST x86 x64-CHAOS (WiN)
QuikQuak RaySpace v2.90 AU VST (MAC)
QuikQuak Fusion Field v3.30-R2R (WiN)
QuikQuak Fusion Field v3.30-R2R (MAC)
QuikQuak Pitchwheel v4.20 FIXED-R2R (WiN)
QuikQuak Pitchwheel v4.20 FIXED-R2R (MAC)
QuikQuak MashTactic v1.01-R2R (WiN)
QuikQuak MashTactic v1.00-R2R (MAC)
QuikQuak Glass Viper v1.40-R2R (WiN)
QuikQuak Glass Viper v1.42-R2R (MAC)
QuikQuak Crowd Chamber v2.02-R2R (WiN)
QuikQuak Crowd Chamber v2.02-R2R (MAC)
QuikQuak BarChimes v1.01-R2R (WiN)
QuikQuak UpStereo Free v2.00 (WiN)
QuikQuak UpStereo Free v2.00 (MAC)

About Plugins:


* A detailed 36 bar kinetic physics simulation.
* Gravity, collisions and audio accurately portrayed.
* Velocity and sweep analysis simulates user
movement through the chimes.
* Parameters for physics, pitch and time.
* Frequency editing with fundamentals and partials.
* Percussive rendering with decay controls.
* Swing modulation effects.
* Photo-realistic 3D representation and collision effects

Crowd Chamber

A large scale crowd simulator
* Can simulate small to a million voice crowds.
* Voices vary in spectral content and delay.
* The perfect new tool for sound design.
* LFO's for temporal changes in voices.
* Fast visual editing, with parameter randomisation
* From simple chorusing effects, small crowds and
stadiums, and on to impossible situations.
* Creates massive stereo sound washes, and extremely
weird animal and sci-fi effects.

Fusion field
Total fusion reverb

* A clean stereo reverb, with an even decay.
* Clear reflected sound, with a fast diffusion build up.
* Intuitively linked Decay, Spread and Distance dials.
* Designed to represent many natural spaces, with minimal complexity.
* Cloud display representation for all time and frequency aspects.
This replaces the usually separate envelope and EQ displays with one concise image, displaying frequency energy over time.
* Fast editing, for that quick grab effect.
* High quality standards, with low CPU resources.
* Zero latency.

Glass Viper
Synthesizer plug-in

* Unique and organic synthesis.
* Wave shaping with 16 LFO's.
* Continuously changing waveform.
* Easy to edit, basic interface.
* 4 Voices per instrument.
* LFO Envelopes with speed and gain slopes.
* Lush reverb and chorus effects.

Real-time pitch and timbre plug-in

* Changes pitch and timbre.
* Pitch spin, and twist samples around.
* MIDI controlable with multi-octave
adjustments, and fine wheel detuning.
* 8 note chords for creating easy vocal
harmonies and effects.
* Unique inertia settings for springy vibrato effects, and wild pitch swings.

A reverb and space designer for PC and Mac

* Mimics true space, convolution reverbs do not!
* Walk though rooms in realtime.
* Instant impulse creation!
* 5 channel surround acoustics.
* True speed of sound modelling of all reflections including phase and interference.

A FREE stereo enhancer

* Stereo width slider going from mono to wide, bringing the stereo image
out and towards the listener.
* Loudness control boost.
* Loudness overdrive option.
* Subtle Air & Bass boosters to lift and help the audio 'breath'.
* Movable 3D interface, with changable colours and light positions.
* Very low CPU usage.