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Dub Echoes ( Documentary + Extras )

Dub Echoes ( Documentary + Extras )
Dub Echoes ( Documentary + Extras )
( Documentary + Extras )| Year: 2008 | English | AVI | 1.36 GB

A Definitive Documentary Of Dub Music From Its Jamaican Roots To Electronic Music Worldwide
The documentary "Dub Echoes" shows how the Jamaican invention called dub ended up influencing much of the music we hear today, from electronic music to hip-hop, transforming the studio in a musical instrument and giving way to all of sonic experiments.Through interviews with over 40 key names on the history of dub, electronic music and hip hop, "Dub Echoes" connects the dots between of the otherwise fragmented relation between all this genres.

'Dub Echoes' is a newly produced film about Dub, featuring an incredible array of artists, both original Jamaican artists - U Roy, King Jammy, Lee Perry, Sly Dunbar, Bunny Lee (to name a few), alongside a similarly awe-inspiring array of artists who have been taken Dub into new directions in electronic dance music - Kode9, Roots Manuva, Howie B, Adrian Sherwood and many more. Directed by Bruno Natal over a three year period, this is a killer film to be watched over and over again! covering Dub in all its different guises.

In the tradition of outsiders chronicling Jamaican music, Brazilian Bruno Natal made this documentary on dub, the small island's most radical sonic development. Through interviews with key players like Lee Perry and King Jammy, it offers a concise and accessible potted history of the roots of reggae. But its main focus is the evolution of reggae into dub, a style that foregrounds bass and drums and reconfigures songs to create ghostly versions of the originals.

While dub has fallen out of favour in Jamaica, the film shows how influential it has been on the evolution of hip hop and electronic music thanks to its role in the development of rapping and remixing, with contemporary musicians testifying to the global influence achieved by a small group of producers and engineers. The greatest strength of this enjoyable and authoritative film is that it shows how dub's legacy is a set of creative practices as much as it is a booming, irresistibly heavy sound.