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0on3 Rocket Drum KONTAKT

0on3 Rocket Drum KONTAKT
0on3 Rocket Drum KONTAKT
0on3 | Apr 5, 2013 | 10.3 MB

The Rocket Drum, (more commonly known as the Octoban Drum ); Is a homemade set of two 6 and 8 inch drums I made several years ago from schedule 40 PVC sewage drain pipe. These are actually much brighter in tone and have a bit more sustain then the pearl or tama octoban drum. And for sure the custom lengths I had built these at, help tremendoulsy!!


Includes: ( 10.5 meg / 63-Filez / 2-Folderz )

- Nice GUI w/ EFx & EQ out front!
- 44 x 24 Bit wav files
- 2# presets

Octoban Pvc Rocket Drum

Octoban drums, also known as tube toms and quarter toms, are tom-toms grouped in melodically-tuned sets of eight, hence the reference to octave, from octo meaning "eight". Octobans have 15 cm (6 inch) diameter drum shells, and range in length from 280 millimeters (11 inches) to 600 millimeters (23-1/2 inches). The different lengths of the cylinders are what give each drum its distinct tone.

Though they were invented by Tama, many companies such as Pearl Drums and Peace Drums manufacture them today. Octobans have also been made under the name of "Quarter Toms", "Oct-o-toms", and even "Rocket Drums".

Some companies have even made acrylic octobans. Many people have made their own octobans using PVC pipes. The Blue Man Group has also made their own octobans