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Now Hear This - Superior Sound for Digital Video

Now Hear This - Superior Sound for Digital Video
Now Hear This - Superior Sound for Digital Video
English | 720 x 544 | DivX - 1064Kbps | 29.97fps | Mp3 - 110Kbps | 2.21 GB

Another videokurs from Vasst. At this time on the sound recording. One of the highest quality courses on the subject. To demonstrate the difference between the different microphones - leading not only to explain their working principle and purpose - he speaks in them with different distances. This sound was recorded at the different microphones had not been processed - you can immediately hear what sounds produce different types of microphones, as they capture the voice itself and the surrounding noise. In addition, understands how to write clear sound with a strong wind, noisy environments and even under water.

The second part - work with the software. For example, Sound Forge and Vegas shows the principle of sound editing - retracting excess noise, increased quiet syllables, parametric equalizer, compressor and noise reduction. Plus - the use of different plug-ins for SF.


Setting up your editing room for great audio
Hardware setups for surround sound
Microphone types (hear the differences)
Microphone placement
Connecting microphones to a camcorder
Ideal levels for audio recording
Understanding Analog vs Digital metering
Effective Mic boom techniques
Monitoring audio on a production
Mixing techniques
Plug in tools for nonlinear editing systems
Using compressors, reverbs, EQ, gates, and other tools
Noise Reduction
Scouting the location for audio problems
Simple, practical solutions for difficult edits
Getting a great V / O
Building a voice-over box on a budget
Getting better sound on a budget
Understanding wireless systems
And a lot more ....