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Jelly All Stars v1.0.8 ANDROiD-P2P

Jelly All Stars v1.0.8 ANDROiD-P2P
Jelly All Stars v1.0.8 ANDROiD-P2P

P2P released the latest version of another brand new game, ?Jelly All Stars? for ANDROiD. Enjoy guys!

Description: Jelly All Stars gamers have to sort the falling jellies by color and combine them to create six different super-sized Jellies. Special star jellies will destroy any other jellies of the same color that are adjacent to one another. The more jellies are destroyed and the bigger they are the higher the points and the quicker you progress through the levels ? but beware: the higher the level the faster those jellies will drop! Especially skillful players will be able to ramp up their scores even more by chaining up massive combos.


Four color base pieces groupable in six different shapes!
Five special pieces!
Colorful and funny graphics!
Catchy and addictive music!
Local and online highscores!

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