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AlexB Modern Tube Console for Nebula 3

AlexB Modern Tube Console for Nebula 3
AlexB Modern Tube Console for Nebula 3
SYNTHiC4TE | April 02 2013 | 912 MB
The warm character

The smooth and musical tube sound has been improved in this console for better performance in headroom and dynamics by replacing the stock 12AX7 tubes with 1960 NOS Telefunken, 1980 NOS Siemens and 1970 NOS Tesla. All hand selected, balanced and matched. Some electrolytics capacitors has been replaced with Panasonic FM, Nichicon MUSE and BC while other caps have been replaced with Wima. The sound now has more air, punch and detail with great warmth, rich harmonic content and natural in-your-face tube compression!

The programs:
Carefully sampled @96kHz in a professional recording studio with hi-quality audio and digital cables and master grade converters with audio levels perfectly matched and calibrated. They are precisely programmed without normalizing or other destructive digital processing. The programs don't sound processed, harsh or digital as most plugins do, but instead sound like a natural extension of the original audio, gluing your tracks in the mix with an analog vibe.


. Basic programs with full dynamic and harmonic content 10 kernels
. Special edition "se" programs (CPU friendly) 3 - 5 kernels
. Deep, wide, dynamics with the feeling and character of a real top-class analog console
. 18 Different input channels arranged by Line, Mic, mono and stereo
. 6 Buss Group programs: clean and slightly colored for drums, percussion, synth pads, backing vocals and electric guitars
. 1 Send Return Buss
. 3 Mix Buss Out: clean, punch and vintage
. Precision Analog Panner with -3dB Pan-Law
. Better sound with less CPU and RAM load
. Over 930MB library programs