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Guitar One Shots WAV Sampler Patches

Guitar One Shots WAV Sampler Patches
Guitar One Shots WAV Sampler Patches
TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 2 April 2013 | 163 MB

Guitar One-Shots' is a virtual "Band Aid" for the gigging producer. Ever found a dud chord in a session and the band's gone home? Ever need a chord to finish a track or need to fatten your tune with some framed guitar? If you've answered yes to any of these questions then maybe, just maybe, this pack is for you. As gigging producers, have often found that they need a single chord or note to fix a track and this pack aims to off you just that. Expect to find single notes, chords in majors and minors, 7s and 9s and even diminished (well someone will use them!) all recorded through classic amps on clean and "oh my god turn it down!" levels then smashed into top mics, squeezed through proper class A compressors and then edited microscopically to give you a tool pack than is quite frankly indispensable.

This is the first of many in the Studio Tools range, all recorded with pro producers in mind.

The pack consists of 214 MB of one-shot samples recorded at 24-Bit quality. You'll find 12 Major 7s, 12 Minor 7s, 12 Majors, 12 Minors, four Dims and dirty plasters (lots of growl and feedback) with 12 Major, 12 Minor, 13 Dirty Singles, nine Divebombs, and more.

It's simple but it should get the job done! Watch out for bass, piano, hammond and clav one-shots coming soon.

Technical Specifications:

? 24-Bit Quality
? 214 MB

Clean Samples:

? 12 Major 7s
? 12 Minor 7s
? 12 Majors
? 12 Minors
? 4 Dims

Distorted Samples:

? 12 Major
? 12 Minor
? 13 Dirty Shots
? 9 Divebombs


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