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AlexB Vintage Master eQ for Nebula 3

AlexB Vintage Master eQ for Nebula 3
AlexB Vintage Master eQ for Nebula 3
AlexB Vintage Master eQ for Nebula 3 | 750 MB
The Vintage Movie Sound

Custom made Program Equalizer based on vintage Teldec unit. The original circuit has received some modification to make it suitable for mastering or buss-grouping, maintaining the original musicality of vintage analog hardware that makes program audio sound better and more punchy just by passing through it even when set "flat." The programs: Carefully sampled @96kHz in a professional recording studio with hi-quality audio and digital cables and master grade converters with audio levels perfectly matched and calibrated. They are precisely programmed without normalizing or other destructive digital processing. The programs don't sound processed, harsh or digital as most plugins do, but instead sound like a natural extension of the original audio, gluing your tracks in the mix with an analog vibe.


. Basic programs with full dynamics and harmonic content: 5 kernels
. Special edition "se" programs (CPU friendly): 3 kernels
. Special programs without harmonic distortion: 1 kernel
. Low Shelf : 40hz, 50hz, 64hz, 82hz, 100hz
. Mid Bell : 500hz, 1Khz, 1.4Khz, 2Khz, 3.4Khz, 5.6Khz
. High Shelf : 8Khz, 10Khz, 12Khz, 16Khz, 20Khz
. +/- 12dB continuous gain
. Over 380MB library programs


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