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Aftermath XHD v1.7.1 ANDROiD-P2P

Aftermath XHD v1.7.1 ANDROiD-P2P
Aftermath XHD v1.7.1 ANDROiD-P2P

P2P released the latest version of another brand new game, ?Aftermath XHD? for ANDROiD. Enjoy guys!

Description: Alone in an infested city, you must survive the night. Use your skills with flashlight, guns and grenades to evade and destroy the city?s deadly inhabitants.


Fight through the zombie horde while taking care of cunning Spewers, bullish Screamers and lumbering Fatties.
Relive the trials and near-escapes of the night as you progress through the story mode.
Infinite replayability with score-attack challenge levels.
Play with headphones to fully experience atmospheric audio.
Exclusive 5 new levels not available on the iOS version.
All-new HD textures, models and environments.
50% larger city.
And more!