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QuikQuak RaySpace VST AU 2.91 PC - MAC

QuikQuak RaySpace VST AU 2.91 PC - MAC
QuikQuak RaySpace VST AU 2.91 PC - MAC
CHAOS | March 29 2013 | 15.6 MB

RaySpace uses real-time ray-tracing techniques to analyze hand drawn spaces created by the user. Essentially, you just move the source and listener locations around, draw walls to make enclosures, and listen as the surround impulse responses are made on the fly!. Rayspace uses up to 512 different ray-traced sound directions, each one continuously collecting information from the enclosures. Taking into account air absorbency and the effect of each wall reflection and filtering made en route to the listener.


RaySpace does not use any smearing filters, or any convolution algorithms. It simply bounces the rays around the scene and returns a clean but complex effect back to the listener.


* Draw your own rooms at 1 metre resolution.
* Real-time response update.
* Wall dampening and absorbency controls.
* 4 channel output for surround sound reverb.
* Automated positions and controls.