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Ear Training Explained: Triads

Ear Training Explained: Triads
Ear Training Explained: Triads
Ear Training Explained: Triads | 486 MB

Have you ever heard a song or arrangement and wished you could recognize the chords or progressions? Well, Doug Zangar has done it again with his second installment of ear training, this time focused on Triads. Doug begins with the basics of creating chords or "Triads" as well as arpeggios. He then starts with Triads in Root Position, teaching you how to listen and recognize them. Major, Minor, Diminished and Augmented Triads are all explored and Doug gives you a test on them to see if your ears are locking in on the different types.

Next up are the different Triads in First Inversion, as well as a test to see how well you can identify them.

Doug then goes a step further and introduces Second Inversion triads in all the different flavors and gives you a test on those as well.

Wrapping up the series are 3 mixed tests and 2 final exams that give your ears the ultimate workout! Once you have these lessons down, you'll be a walking Triad recognizer, instantly hearing what's really going on in your favorite music... Watch "Ear Training Explained - Triads" today.


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