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Lizard's REFiLLS Collection

Lizard's REFiLLS Collection
Lizard's REFiLLS Collection
2005-2008 | .rfl | RAR SIZE 759 MB

Refilly (Refills) - a special format sample library (sounds) and patches (settings) used in the program Reason. This collection features refilly program for Propellerhead Reason (version 4, 5), issued by the laboratory Lizard.


* Clank!. Rfl - percussion instruments, sound effects
* Lizard's FSB-01 Workstation.rfl - Multi-Workstation
* Lizard's Garage Days Refill v1.0.rfl - electric guitar, guitar effects
* Lizard's Korg Polysix ReFill.rfl - Multisemplovye preset synthesizer Korg Polysix
* Lizard's microKORG Refill.rfl - Preset Synthesizer Korg microKORG, arpeggiator
* Lizard's Native American Instruments.rfl - Multisemlovye presets ethnic instruments
* Lizard's Retro Beat Boxes Refill.rfl - Shapeshifter "vintage sound"
* Lizard's Roland D-50 Refill.rfl - Original bank preset synthesizer Roland D-50
* Lizard's Roland SH-101 Refill.rfl - Multisemplovye preset synthesizer Roland SH-101
* Lizard's Talk Box v1.0.rfl - vocoder voice effects
* MG-1 Refill by Lizard.rfl - Multisemplovye guitar presets
* Rackmounted Toybox by Lizard.rfl - Sound Effects
* Roland JX-3P Refill v1.0.rfl - Preset Synthesizer Roland JX-3P
* Lizard's Thor CZ Refill.rfl - Patches for Thor - Casio CZ synthesizer emulation
* Lizard's Thor-OB Refill.rfl - Patches for Thor - emulation synth Oberheim OB

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