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Yellow Tools Culture VSTi Ethnic Percussion

Yellow Tools Culture VSTi Ethnic Percussion
Yellow Tools Culture Content DVDs

Yellow Tools Culture VSTi v1.0 iSO DELiRiUM
Yellow Tools Culture VSTi Ethnic Percussion
Yellow Tools Culture VSTi Ethnic Percussion
21.05.2003 | TEAM DELiRiUM | TOTAL RAR SIZE 397 MB + 4.56 GB

Yellow Tools Culture - contains samples of percussion instruments: folk, orchestral, industrial. For each instrument used in performing all of the existing methods, with 16 dynamic levels for the left and right hands. Module is optimized for simultaneous use of several thousand samples. There are 16 outputs. Efforts are hundreds of patches, you can create your own.

Extras. Information: All samples are recorded on otdelnosti. nor any ready-made loops, grooves and sequences. Also included are patches for performing tricks.

Culture includes a full range of percussion instruments such as: djembes, tamdrums, udus, darabukas, shakers, barrels and cans, framedrums, orchestral timpani, orchestral snares, cymbals, tonal gongs, chimes, bongos, congas, claps, tambourines, dunun, sangban, kenkeni and many more standard and exotic percussion instruments.

With over 9GB of finest sound samples Culture is the world's largest collection of percussion instruments. You will find instruments from all over the world, with every detail, making Culture sound incredibly real. For example ,a single djembe contains the playing techniques: bass tones, closed, half closed, open, damped and fingered. everything with 16 velocity splits per note for left AND right hand. All these techniques are available for the different playing styles like hits, flams, rolls, ghosts and drags. With the recording of all these playing styles and playing techniques Culture achieves a so far unrealized and stunning authenticity of the instruments.

One single conga set, for example, consists of more than 1,000 different sound samples, which can be played easily and intuitively - based on the powerfull MVI engine and its clear user interface.
All sounds exist as single image files on the DVDs, so you don't have to copy the whole 9GB to your hard disc but just the instruments you want to use.

Yellow Tools Culture VSTi Ethnic Percussion

Yellow Tools Culture VSTi Ethnic Percussion

Installation notes:
Put Culture.dll into your vst plugin folder. Copy the folder "Culture DVD 1" into the "Culture Data" folder located on your hard disk. Do the same with the second DVD: open it and copy "Culture DVD 2" into the "Culture Data" folder on your hard disk. Dont forget to copy presets from 'Culture Data\multis' folder.