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The Glock KONTAKT-AudioP2P

The Glock KONTAKT-AudioP2P
AudioP2P | 21.12.2012 | 1.65 GB

THE GLOCK is a multi sampled orchestral Glockenspiel with sustain pedal. It is recorded in one of the best sounding
scoring stages; the Teldex Studio in Berlin. We used the finest microphone setup and preamps to capture the fabulous magic in this famous hall (e.g. a Decca Tree and Mid AB setup with 5x legendary Neumann M50s microphones!).

3 mic positions (Room, Mid, Close) enable you the full control to fit "The Glock" perfectly into your template and production situation. With 3 different mallets, natural release samples and 2 velocity layers, "The Glock" is one of the most extensively sampled Glockenspiels ever created!

The articulation list includes sustains with pedal releases, vibrato sustains, short tremolos, glisses and staccatos. Nearly all articulations have been recorded with up to 5 round robins to avoid any kind of "machine gun effect".


-Recorded at Teldex Scoring Stage
-3 different mallets
-Natural pedal releases
-Up to 5 round robins
-2 velocity layers
-3 mic positions
-Glissandos, short tremolos
-Athmospheric Low Pad Patches


3,5 GB of samples (1,6 GB compressed)
24Bit / 48KHz Patches


Full Kontakt 5