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Plug&Mix V.I.P. Bundle v3.0.0 R2R

Plug&Mix V.I.P. Bundle v3.0.0 R2R
Plug&Mix V.I.P. Bundle v3.0.0 R2R
R2R | 22.12.2012 | 1.16 GB

P&M for Audio Professionnals
In today`s market, music production is constantly evolving. Producers, composers, musicians and artists alike need professional sounding plug-ins that are simple and easy-to-use ! The P&M audio plug-in series delivers the same professional sound you would come to expect from other major plug-in manufacturers, but they are much easier to use. Designed with an emphasis on quality and simplicity, each plug-in has a clean interface with only the most essential knobs and switches needed to dial a great sound.


PM-American Tweed
PM-British Tone
PM-California Tone
PM-Chorus Ensemble
PM-Classic Flanger
PM-Classic Phaser
PM-Cool Vibe
PM-Digital Plate
PM-Digital Reverb
PM-Dimension 3D
PM-Electro Optical
PM-Magic Queen
PM-Monster Booster
PM-Retro Compressor
PM-Retro Equalizer
PM-Retro Filter
PM-Retro Limiter
PM-Tremolo Pan

Windows Minimum Requirements :
Pentium® iV 2GHz / Athlon?XP 2GHz with 1Gb of RAM.
Windows 7 - XP - Vista are supported

New in version 3.0.0

-14 hot new plug-Ins requested by users : Octaplexer - Psycho Ring - Ob La Wah - Electro Q Tone - Talking Tone - Deluxe Tilt - Ambiosoniq - Stereolizer - Maxbass - Screamer - Liquid Air Q - Vinylizer - Granulizer - Ls Rotator
-Full AAX support with RTAS backward compatibility for windows and mac.
-Minor bug fixes and plug-in enhancements following users reports.