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Grid Machine Slice Vol.3 Electron WAV KONTAKT

Grid Machine Slice Vol.3 Electron WAV KONTAKT
Grid Machine Slice Vol.3 Electron
Grid Machine Slice Vol.3 Electron WAV KONTAKT | 531 MB

'Grid Machine Slice Vol 3: Electron' from Channel Robot is the latest in this fantastic new concept for Kontakt Sampler users. Cut, chop, stutter, reverse, mix, modulate and, of course, slice with 'Grid Machine Slice Vol 3: Electron', the IDM sound set. This is a unique and powerful new type of loop-altering tool to bend, twist and re-create your loops all in real time.This pack features over 200 of the highest quality Channel Robot IDM loops, every one of which can be re-programmed into hundreds of totally different sounds.

A virtual instrument for Kontakt 4.2 and above, 'Grid Machine Slice Vol 3: Electron' places unique creative and playable features right at your fingertips, and on your keyboard (using its extensive key-switch system). Libraries of loops will never be the same again.'Grid Machine Slice Vol 3: Electron' features EQ, Filters, Distortion, Lo-Fi, Phaser, Flanger, Delay, Reverb, Chorus, Pan, Tremolo, and Vibrato effects, all connected to an independent set of highly controllable modulators.

There are over 20 different ways to slice (re-order) each loop, plus you can play these patterns forwards, backwards, forwards and backwards, half-speed, double speed, and skip slices.Mute, reverse or repeat (stutter) individual slices of your choice. There are literally thousands of different ways to play each of the included loops. You can even cross-mix between loops giving you even more possibilities.Retrigger a loop any time you like from any slice, play sub-loops, latch on a single slice, set time changes and loop re-triggers to bars and beats, all from your keyboard or the user friendly GUI inside Kontakt.Tempo sync these loops to the song in your DAW or play as a stand-alone instrument!

Technical Specifications:
? Kontakt 4.2.4 Instrument
? Over 200 Loops
? Over 200 Presets
? 17 Kontakt Instruments
? Kontakt 4.2.4 Instrument using custom scripting