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Chris Coleman - Playing With Precision & Power - DVD5

Chris Coleman - Playing With Precision & Power - DVD5
Chris Coleman - Playing With Precision & Power - DVD5
Chris Coleman - Playing With Precision & Power - DVD5
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Playing with Precision and Power - the last part in a series of instructional videos under the name Dynamic Drumming. The first two were available on VHS.
In the first half of the video, Chris played with the band. They play four songs in a gospel fusion, and between Chris gives 2, the first part of his interview. All songs written by Chris Coleman. In general, it seems that we are witnessing a sort of concert / clinic.

The first part of the training component of the video is dedicated to the game with a bass guitar and loops. As a drummer and bassist form the rhythm is important to have some basic understanding of how to play together. Besides today computers, loops, and samples are increasingly used in live music, it is important to know how to play with a loop, already creates a certain rhythmic foundation. Furthermore, Chris says that he calls "the methods of practice ABC». A - basis. B - the independence of the limbs, C - musicality.

Section A consists of three elements - the rudiments of musical notation, and time. Chris shows off some really good ideas and exercises for the development of these three elements.
Section B is very similar to a system of coordination of Thomas Lang, but Chris complements her score aloud and playing down ostinnatnogo figure, and his hands - different exercises.
Section C tells about izutsenii rhythmic patterns, which Chris calls "authentic rhythms that exist outside of your will."


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