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Truepianos VSTi STANDALONE RTAS 1.9.4 x86 x64 PC & MAC-AP-ASSiGN

Truepianos VSTi STANDALONE RTAS 1.9.4 x86 x64 PC & MAC-AP-ASSiGN
Truepianos 1.9.4 PC & MAC
TEAM AP | 30-08-2011 | VSTi STANDALONE RTAS UB | x86 x64
PC ASSiGN | 494 MB | (Version 1.9.1 ) MAC OSX AP | 347 MB

When the instrument blends transparently with the musician?s hands, reality becomes music. TruePianos VSTi was designed with exactly this in mind giving the inspiration an instant GO as soon as you touch the keyboard. Following the tradition, we have optimized the instruments for a real-time performance. The CPU usage is low even for 96khz host sampling rates, and for advanced polyphony we support dual-core CPUs, spreading the load symmetrically. TruePianos has multiple modules and offers an intuitive control to match your playing style.

The piano keyboard (which reacts to your mouse as well), basic controls, Options and About buttons, as well as a functionality to switch to a different piano module and a preset. TruePianos consists of multiple modules and presets. Each module represents a significantly different variant of a piano sound, while presets change the piano character without affecting basic properties of the piano.
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