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112dB Redline Monitor VST 1.0.4-ASSiGN

112dB Redline Monitor VST 1.0.4-ASSiGN
112dB Redline Monitor VST 1.0.4
Team SSiGN | 2010 Renewed | 6.97 MB

Redline Monitor is a listening, mixing, and mastering tool. It replaces the extreme stereo separation characteristic for headphones with the detailed stereo image of near-field monitor speakers, turning headphones into a portable uniform listening environment. Whether in the studio or on the road, on a full-blown studio rig or your notebook, even in home studios and untreated rooms, with Redline Monitor mixes sound identical where ever you go.


* True stereo soundstage with adjustable left/right speaker position from 30° to 90°.
* Transparent sound with flat frequency response (±0.1dB for the entire 10Hz?22kHz range).
* Separately adjustable phantom-center level from 0dB to -3dB for optimal speaker matching.
* Distance control from 0m to 2m to simulate placement of near-field monitors in room.
* Auxiliary left/right solo and phase invert controls for critical listening.
* Output switchable to mono for mono-compatibility checking.
* Support for samplerates up to 384kHz.
* Flexible MIDI learn system.

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