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Tonehammer Forgotten Voices Francesca KONTAKT DVDR

Tonehammer Forgotten Voices Francesca KONTAKT DVDR
Tonehammer Forgotten Voices Francesca
Forgotten Voices Francesca KONTAKT DVDR | 521 MB

Welcome to Forgotten Voices: "Francesca". The singer, Francesca Genco, is a highly gifted female alto singer covering a variety of vocal textures from soft to powerful, crying and evocative type of vocals. Francesca has been singing and chanting for over 20 years and is one of the most respected shamanistic sound healers in the world. She has a wide repertoire of singing styles ranging from classical western to balkan and middle-eastern song traditions.

The vocal library is made from over a thousand different vocal phrases covering over 10 hours of material. The phrases were designed for maximum user flexibility through logical categories (ex. Slow Chanting, Playful Chanting, Flute Singing, Lullaby, Powerful/Forte, Slow/Dark etc) and by sophisticated editing and programming. The programming allows user to sculpt- and morph phrases by adjusting the mod-wheel and pitch bender. The mod-wheel controls the sample starting point, so users can trigger off-set anywhere they want in the phrases. The pitch bender allows you to time-stretch/compress the phrase. All patches feature key-switch controlled pitch that allows you to change the root key of the singer's voice up or down by +/- 3 semi-tones.

This combination between sample off-set control, root pitch-shifting and time-stretch/compression allows users to seamlessly morph different phrases together, which brings endless possibilities for creating new phrases. This library recently earned a perfect 5/5 from Sound On Sound Magazine. In addition Francesca contains a bonus set of vocal ambiences made by Steven Tavaglione (Instrumentalist and Sound Designer; Wall-E, American Beauty, CSI, Supernatural and 100s other movies/shows/games).

Tonehammer Forgotten Voices: "Francesca":
* Logical categories for all phrase types, including:

o Chanting 1 & 2 (Dark, one note Gregorian types of chanting)
o Playful Chanting 1 & 2 (Lighter type of chanting with more variation)
o Slow Playful Chanting (Slower, yet lighther type of chanting)
o Flute Singing 1 (Airy whistle and singing combined. Human flute)
o Lonely Lullaby 1 (Dark, beautiful and eerie)
o Powerful 1 & 2(Epic/Ethnic, otherworldly type of vocals)
o Singing Beats (Non-tune based whistle beats)
o Slow, Dark and evocative 1 & 2 (Dark, Slow, Haunting type of vocals)
o Whispers and FX
* Intelligent editing and programming (off-set, pitch key-switching and time-stretch control)
* DFD and Timemachine 2 versions of each Kontakt instrument:
* Extensive read me install, patch and hint documentation (.pdf) (download here)
* Listen exclusive interview w/ Francesca Genco / Singer (mp3 interview)
* 55 nki files, 29 exs files, 27 sfz files, 825 samples, 840 MB installed, 531 MB .rar download
* Formats: Kontakt (.nki), SFZ (.sfz), EXS24 (.exs)
* Sample resolution: 44.1Khz/16Bit mono- and stereo .wav format
* Note: Native Instruments Kontakt 2 / 3 / 4 full retail versions required for all Kontakt instruments.
* Note: Free Kontakt Player will only work for 30 minutes with this product. Full version required to remove this restriction.
* Logic or other EXS24 compatible software required for .exs files.
* SFZ-compatible player required for all .sfz files.
* Note: Time-stretching and sample-offset not available for EXS / SFZ. Some SFZ and EXS players may not support all included library features.
* Note: Read more about Francesca Genco here or buy/listen to her music here

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