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SmartSound Movie Classics SSDLL

SmartSound Movie Classics SSDLL
SmartSound Movie Classics SSDLL
SmartSound Movie Classics SSDLL | 44.7 MB

Movie Classics - A diverse collection of music from major Hollywood productions, including Ben-Hur, Ghostbusters, and On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Tracks run the gamut of emotions from heartwarming to pulse-pounding.


- A Passage To India - This happy selection, called 'Adela's Theme', evokes memories of a quaint, bygone era. With a light, brisk melody, it's perfect for picnics in the park or afternoons on the croquet lawn.
- Ben-Hur - The prelude to this Roman epic features vibrant brass and flowing strings. Perfect for telling epic tales of conflict and heroism.
- Frances - The theme to this dramatic biopic features warm strings and melancholy brass. Great for setting a reflective, compassionate tone.
- Ghostbusters-Main Theme - The title theme to the comedy blockbuster sets a jovial tone with a bouncy tuba and quirky piano. Perfect for humorous scenes with a hint of the paranormal.
- Great Train Robbery - The overture to the classic caper is a bouncy, dynamic piece featuring rollicking brass and swelling strings. Great for big action scenes with a comic edge.
- Heaven's Gate - This sparse, Italian-inspired piece uses a lilting acoustic guitar and rich violins to create a mood of romance and intrigue. Great for evoking a mood of nostalgia for the Old Country.
- Last Tango In Paris - The theme to the Marlon Brando classic features lush strings and jazzy piano to set an intelligent, thoughtful mood. Add a touch of class to your productions with this piece.
- Majesty's Secret Service - The title theme to this James Bond classic is a bold, sweeping work with bombastic horns and piercing strings. Ideal for spy stories or tales of international mystery.
- The Deep - This atmospheric piece from the underwater adventure movie sets a mysterious tone with rich strings and gentle flute effects. Perfect for gorgeous but dangerous settings.
- Zorba The Greek - This cue, called 'Zorba's Dance', takes you to the Mediterranean with sprightly guitars and upbeat orchestration. Starts slow and gradually picks up the pace, as tradition dictates. Great for footage of your big, fat Greek wedding or any other festive occasion.

Name: Movie Classics
Type: Sound/Music Library
Release Date: 2012
File Format: .ssdl
File Size: 44.7Mb