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Camel Audio Cameleon 5000 v1.7 VSTi RTAS AU MAC OSX UB-DYNAMiCS-AMPLiFY

Camel Audio Cameleon 5000 v1.7 VSTi RTAS AU MAC OSX UB-DYNAMiCS-AMPLiFY
Camel Audio Cameleon 5000 v1.7 PC & MAC
2007 | DYNAMiCS-AMPLiFY | PC: 72 MB | MAC: 78.5 MB

800+ presets - pads, ambiences, evolving textures and much more.
Cameleon 5000 is an additive synth, featuring resynthesis and sound morphing, which excels at pads and evolving textures and comes with a library of over 800 presets. At its heart is the morph square which allows you to morph between four different instruments at once. You can also use the morph timeline to create rhythmic loops, evolving soundscapes and pads. Uniquely, Cameleon comes with a range of preset morph timelines, to make creating new sounds even easier. Scroll down for more information, reviews and demo

800+ presets - pads, ambiences, evolving textures and much more.

Additive synthesis - create any sound you can imagine.

Morphing - a great way to create new and evolving sounds.

Resynthesis - do things samplers can only dream of!

Cameleon can import sampled sounds (WAV/AIFF) into any of the four voice slots, or you can choose from the extensive range of built-in voices. Cameleon breaks sounds down into both a harmonic and noise component, for much higher quality and greater flexibility.

Cameleon also allows you to import image (BMP) files and turn them into sounds. This provides an extremely powerful way to design never-heard-before sounds. If you're ever stuck for inspiration, just try loading up any picture - perhaps a photo of your mum!

Once you've imported a sound you can edit it in ways which would be impossible with a conventional sampler. You have independent control over each of the harmonics, so you can (for example) boost all the odd harmonics - or even draw your own harmonic spectra!

Every part of Cameleon's interface has been designed with ease of use in mind; the 'Easy' page is just one example. On the Easy page you'll find simple but powerful controls to quickly shape the sound, including changing the balance of harmonics and noise, adding LFOs, or editing the amplitude envelope. You can also use the unique 'stretch' parameter to time-stretch sounds in real-time without the loss in quality associated with sampled instruments.

800+ presets arranged in categories - pads, ambiences, leads, basses and more.
Import and morph WAV/AIFF files.
Import/export BMP images.
Multi-sampling resynthesis for more realistic and expressive instruments.
One-click 'morphing square', to morph between four sounds at a time.
Separate control of amplitude envelope, harmonics and noise.
Morph timeline with presets, for fast creation of evolving patches.
High quality 'stretch'.
Complete control over each harmonic.
128-band noise generator, 64 detunable partials.
Sweepable formant filter, distortion, compression, chorus, delay, reverb.