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Genuine Soundware GS-201 Tape Echo 1.1.3 VST

Genuine Soundware GS-201 Tape Echo 1.1.3 VST
SoundFonts GS-201 Tape Echo v1.0 VST (PC)
AiR | 2009 | GS-201 Tape Echo 1.1.3 VST | 2,64 MB

Tape echo effects were invented towards the end of the fifties. Presumably the very first tape echo machine was invented by Charlie Watkins of London, England, in 1958. It was based on a small loop of 1/4 tape onto hich audio was recorded by a magnetic head and then read by three separated heads. What was read from the tape was amplified by the internal all-valve circuit and eventually recorded back to the tape, creating the eedback or sustaining echo effect. The delay time of the unit was determined by distance of the write head from the read heads, in conjunction with the sd of the tape.

Many manufacturers of this era produced their versions of echo machines, mostly based on the magnetic tape system. The famous Binson Echorec was based on a circular drum head with a metallic magnetic stripe. It was used by Pink Floyd at the time of their album Echoes. Another famous tape echo machine was the Maestro Echoplex, heavily used by pianist Herbie Hancock. Other notable units were the Selmer TruVoice Echo, the Dynacord Echocord, along one of the most famous and widely used from 1973 to present day: the Roland RE-201. This particular model has a tape loop about 4 meters long which is recorded, read and erased continuously.